Emotion Regulation

It is about understanding your own emotions so you can move into a space where you can think clearly. Intense emotions can impact a person's judgment and ability to make wise choices. There is no brain switch that takes the height of one's feelings and automatically makes it all better. But there are specific tools and skill set that can lead you to a healthier ways of expressing your thoughts. This is true emotion regulation.

  • Debunk the myths about emotions.

  • Understand how emotional distress is actually formed.

  • Learn tools to be more responsive rather than reactive.

You will walk away knowing how to

  • Reclaim your peace even in challenging situations.

  • Sustain a positive mindset.

  • Navigate your emotional health with ease.

  • Create momentum for clarity.

  • Re-establish connection with yourself and others in meaningful ways.

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Anxiety Support Coach

Joy Acaso

Joy Acaso is an Anxiety Support Coach, best-selling author, teacher, and speaker. It's her mission to help reverse the global mental health crisis. She has been featured in many articles and podcast interviews for her unique approach that combines brain health, neuroscience and trauma-healing.